COVID-19 Immune Response Study


Join us in our efforts to uncover how COVID-19 impacts long-term health in in understudied, underrepresented, and underreported women!

This is a remote study with no in-person study visits. Participate from the comfort of your home and help COVID research!

Study Details


PI: Ashleigh Theberge

STUDY 00016154 

Study Contact

Phone: (206) 295-9238  


What is the Immune Response Study?

The purpose of this study is to characterize the immune signatures in response to covid-19 in understudied, underrepresented, and underreported (U3) populations with a specific emphasis on individuals who identify as women. The U3 project aims to supplement the existing body of work surrounding covid-19 and expand our understanding of how both biological and social factors impact the progression of this disease.

If you’re interested in learning more about which groups of people fall under the category of U3, please follow the link provided for additional information.

Are YOU eligible to participate?

You may be eligible if you meet these criteria:

  • At least 18 years old 
  • Have tested for COVID-19 within the last week 
  • Are a woman or identify as a woman 


You will be paid in digital gift cards. You will be paid after completion of each month or following a set of 5 samples (whichever comes first). If you withdraw from the study during a partial month, we will compensate you $20 per sample. Most participants will complete 5 timepoints and will be compensated up to $100. A subset of participants will be invited for extended sampling and will collect and complete an additional 5 sample timepoints consisting of blood samples, nasal swabs, and sampling surveys as well as additional surveys about their study experience and will be compensated up to another $130. Please find the compensation summary outlined in the table below:

Set 1: (Up to $100 for completion of Set 1)
      Timepoints 1-5: $20 each timepoint 

Set 2: (Up to $130 for completion of Set 2)
    Timepoints 6-10: $20 each timepoint
    Up to 3 monthly symptom surveys after Timepoint 10: $10 per survey

What happens when you participate?

Blood Collection

During sampling, you will collect blood from your upper arm using the Tasso-SSTTM, following the instructions for use and information provided to you. You will push a button to deploy the device lancets, and the Tasso-SSTTM device will remain on your arm for 2-3 minutes. The device will collect up to 10 drops of blood with each use (which is about 0.5 mL of blood, or less than 1/8 of a teaspoon). Using provided materials, you will then stabilize the blood and package it for shipping following the instructions and information provided by the study team. We expect it will take 15 minutes each time to draw the blood, stabilize it, and package it for return. You can find an instructional video outlining this procedure and the components of the homeRNA kit at the bottom of this webpage.  

Nasal Swabs

At the same timepoints you collect blood, you will also collect nasal swab samples. You will use a simple and comfortable method of collection to self-swab the interior of your nose. This procedure will be similar to most COVID-19 PCR and at-home rapid tests. Each swab sample should take around 5 minutes to collect and stabilize.  

Time Commitment

  • The first set of timepoints will take place over around 3 weeks following enrollment. 
  • The extended sampling will take an additional 3 weeks to complete and starts 10-days after the completion of the first set of timepoints. 
  • Participants selected for extended sampling will also have 3 monthly check-in surveys after their last blood draw.  
  • Each blood sample should take around 15 minutes to complete, each nasal swab another 5 minutes, and the sampling survey should take around 15 minutes to complete.  
  • All additional surveys should take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.  


This study will consist of a series of surveys and self-collected blood and nasal samples. The surveys will collect data about your overall health and your background, as well as information about sample collection. You will complete a general survey, 5 sampling timepoints (1-2 blood samples, 1 nasal swab, sampling survey at each timepoint), and one closing survey. You may be invited to do an additional set of 5 timepoints (1-2 blood samples, 1 nasal swab, sampling survey at each timepoint), an additional closing survey, and 3 monthly check-in surveys.  

Participation Timeline

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